About MyWealthyAffiliateJourney.com

About Me

Hi my name is Jay born and raised in Sydney Australia living in a middle class family out in the western suburbs. Both my parents migrated from the Philippines and established a future where I could eat and have almost anything we wanted. Both parents worked extremely hard and completely paid for 2 houses by the time I reached 12 years old.

I finished high school back in 1996 with intentions to go to university to study at the time the most profitable and booming profession which was Information Technology. In between the time of starting university I decided to take on a short term job which I thought at the time was a great idea to earn some pocket money but as the story goes due to the hard work and effort I was putting in during the 12hr days, 6 days a week I was offered to take on a role which at the time was a high level and great paying position. So like any fool I decided to take it. And this is where I officially joined the rat race – first it started off with a credit card, then a personal loan, a car loan and then eventually my first investment property all within the first year of working. From there I continued to diligently working long hours (12 to 16hrs) 6 days a week moving up the career ladder. By the end of the second year working for the same company I was completely burnt out, decided to quit and take on contractor roles for the flexibility. As my motivation to invest and prepare the best for my future continued to grow inside of me I decided to take on another investment property but doing that meant I had to go back to working harder and longer hours to keep up with mortgage repayments. My days would start at 5am for a 7am start finishing at 4pm for my first job, then heading straight off to my second job which started at 6pm and finished at 12am. By the time I would get home, cleaned up and ready for bed it would be around 2am. The Toughest part of the story was that during the midweek due to religious commitments I would have to attend church services on Thursday morning which started at 5.30am approximately 45kms away so in order to make I would have about a 1-2hrs sleep, then head off to start my first job at 7am.

Online Beginnings

This continued on for a few years but I was lucky enough to land a day job that was fairly relaxed in nature and allowed me to smash through my daily duties but at the same time be online and watch YouTube videos and this is where my introduction to online marketing began. As my ambition and tiredness of having to work long hours with 2 jobs, I would search the site for ways to make money online: This is where I stumbled on a creator by the name of Dennis Karganilla who was teaching online/social marketing using the YouTube platform which was ahead of the curve during that time. So I joined the group which had a similar principle to what Wealthy Affiliate does today but from there I would bounce from one online course to the next spending thousands of dollars on courses but all having the same end result. I would pin this down to the notion of analysis paralysis. There was so much information that was being spat out that I would just get bogged down and unable to move forward, until the next greatest product would promise all of you hearts content and desires. I would never call them scams as I saw the value in the information and student who had joined the same time as I and progressed because they would put the work in. I could only be the one blamed for the lack of effort and fear on my part as to why I was not seeing any success.

My Mission for MyWealthyAffiliateJourney.com

Fast forward to present time and I’m super grateful and to be blessed with a wonderful wife, daughter, and roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food to eat, so I can’t complain about life. I’m fortunate enough to spend my weekdays looking after my one year old daughter and work on the weekends. But given that arrangement I would like to build a solid online foundation and a future where money or commitments to a job be what holds me back from being, doing or purchasing anything for my family. So these are my reasons for joining Wealthy Affiliate in order to learn about building online foundations to create passive online income streams. I don’t know where this journey is going to take me, whether it maybe success or yet another failed venture but one thing I would like to be different is that I gave it an honest attempt. And in the process hopefully share an insight, inspire and help others along the way who maybe be in a similar situation. Or maybe just be a competitive target for others to prove to me that online success is possible. My aim or goal is to be consistent and keep plugging away at the wealth of knowledge and information that has been structurally laid out that failing would be almost impossible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,